Friday, December 7, 2007

You're A Corker!

As I read La Belette Rouge's list of what she was going to buy in a Paris Pharmacie, it made me think of what I went into the pharmacie for two years ago, the last time I was in Paris. LBR's list was so exotic, chic and trés interesting. I never really spent much time looking at products in them, because I was always there for a specific item, or to talk to the pharmacist about an ailment. One thing in France that is cool, is that you can give the pharmacist your symptoms and they can prescribe you a medicament on the spot.

Which brings us back to the last pharmacie we went to in Paris. We had been to Italy the previous week and arrived in Paris for a two day stay to visit my friend, who I'll call S. Before we met up with her, my hubby reluctantly summoned me for major help. He only had to say one word, bouchon, for me to know that I was going to have to do some embarrassing translating.

Bouchon is a longstanding joke with us, thanks to S. She was visiting us in the States when she pulled out some medicine once and told me she had to take it because she didn't want a bouchon. Bouchon means cork. You figure it out.

As I moaned and groaned about asking the pharmacist for the proper tire-bouchon magic pill, Hubby says, "And don't you dare say it's for me!" Suuuuuure, sweetie-pie. I told him not to worry, I'd take care of it.

So I'm now in the position of being in the most glamorous city in the world, asking for the most unglamorous of items. Pas chic. I walked up to the counter where there was a young, pretty pharmacist ready to help. I told her quietly what I was looking for. She started asking me all these questions that needed detailed answers and, red-faced, I betrayed my husbands honor and blurted out "Oh Madame, I don't have this problem. It's my husband over there (hiding behind the Band-Aids) who has the issue and needs the pills....but he doesn't want you to know. But don't worry, he doesn't speak French!" She looked at me, understanding, and I knew what she was thinking...she thought I was a really crotte-y wife.

So, I guess I got paybacks for that, because a few days later when we were in Toulouse, as my husband and kids rode a carousel in the park, I sort of jogged over towards it to grab the video camera from my Hubby and I tripped on the power cord of the carousel....and in the most nerdy, geeky and un-chic way, fell right onto all fours in front of my family, my friends and the French lady who sneered and rolled her eyes as if I had no right to trip in front of her. She must have had a bouchon.


La Belette Rouge said...

Bonjour, Cher CC!!!
Thank you so much for your very generous and flattering review. I am so happy my post uncorked your memory and inspired the telling of this story. Poor hubby, being all corked up. There are definite advantages and disadvantages to only one of you speaking French. Hopefully, next time you go to France and he needs a tire-bouchon magic pill, he will be able to ask the pharmacist for it himself.
Funny post!! And, cute piggy!
À bientôt,

Shar said...

This post made me laugh out loud! I had a similar experience while in Barcelona with my huband...and my Spanish is a little rusty!

The corkscrew picture is priceless with this post:)

Anonymous said...

Bonjour CC!
Aahhh the french language! very funny hehehe
Hope you are feelin' better!

Anonymous said...

Salut CC, your post was great! I laughed...there were tears even.

I hope I'll never have to explain that to anyone. With my luck, I'd say something pas chic and tell the pharmasist to put a cork in "it".

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Sorry tout le monde that I have not responded sooner. I had a problem with Internet connection.

LBR, Hopefully I'm being a good enough teacher this time and hope he makes progres before March. He understands French more than he can speak it, but he doesn't do half bad. But from now on, we're going to do some courses involving any malady that could be a potential embarrassment to moi. ;)
Thanks for your compliment!

Shar-So glad someone else out there can say they've "been there done that"! So glad to make you LOL!

ZENCHEF-I certainly am feeling fine, albeit with a bruised ego and palms! Just remember...c'etait pas moi qui avait le bouchon! HAHA!

COLLEEN-Thanks for the compliment...I love to make people laugh! And what better to do that with than a real life embarrassing situation? ;) Hmm....It just hit me...I wonder what I did to dear Hubby to deserve slipping on olive oil in Italy and throwing my back out? I must reflect on this and make a post!!!!

Anonymous said...

CC, Let's just hope it was karma and he didn't will it on you.

Silly karma. :-)

Sassy said...

Yikes ! That piggy-bouchon is so cute ! I must have one of my own !

tongue in cheek said...

I love the line ...he doesn't speak french!
ah the secrets we can say with such a fact on hand!
Great post!