Sunday, November 16, 2008

My First Blogging Award Ever!

What a Superior Day! Wow, I needed it. I received this award for Superior Scribbling skills (aka: my blog) full of French-y-fied drama, complaints, reflections, memories, obsessions, humor, food/drink and utter gross-ness. I received this award from a, The Weasel, The Red One Herself, La Belette Rouge.

  1. So, I now have to follow as well as post The Award Rules.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.
  • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
  • Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

So, drum roll please, I am awarding this to these Five Fabulously Scribbly Blogs (in random order):

  1. Not So Stay At Home Mom This woman's blog caught my attention recently, because she has "one of those kids". As I was reading, I sort of got dizzy and faint and thought maybe she might have kidnapped "Spazzy", my two year old daughter, for her tales seemed eerily similar to ours. Quick check into the bathroom revealed Spazzy had not been nabbed, for she had opened the linen closet and scaled the shelves to the tippy top where all the Poison-Control-Should-Be-Called-Soon items were hiding. Oh, weren't we supposed to not be talking about me right now? Anyhow, NotSoSAHM has one of those kids, and when I saw the photo of her daughter, I officially blacked out for .12 seconds because she not only acts like Spazzy, but could be her twin separated at birth (if I'd have actually been pregnant with twins, and one was ripped away from the hospital room in the night, and shipped to NotSoSAHM). Spazzy's Twin, Ashlyn, also Scribbles on her mommy's blog, and is a must read.
  2. Debbie Does Drivel cracks me up. She lives in Maine (ME) which is where my Grampa was from. And she is freakin' hilarious without even trying, it seems. (Duh CC, she's a Humor Blogger...they don't receive that designation for nuttin') Her post The Creature From the Garage Loft made me laugh so hard it inspired writing about my own pet drama.
  3. Completely Alienne is a new blogger with superior scribbling. She's had a terrible tragedy and is trying to cope and continue living, while raising teen daughters Lenin and Attila (names have been changed to protect the innocent mom). This woman is strong.
  4. The Preppy Princess not only is a very thorough Scribbler, she gives us eye candy to go with it. We love her multiple viewpoints (or is that personalities?) blog and we love her comments on our blog. We love how she says "we" and "our" and we want her/them to have this award for her pretty, preppy, pink and very conversational web log.
  5. What French Dream? (or Living the Dream...not!) hits close to my heart. As my readers may or may not know, Cassoulet Cafe started as an ex expat in France blog, dishin' about all the good and crappy things about France. Speaking of crap, the first post I read on What French Dream? was this post about French toilets. It's hilarious and it's all true! She also took my challenge on Cockroach Chronicles by posting her own nasty bug experience. Exploding couscous is also on the menu.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much CC for your kind words. I have never had an award before and will have to think about who to pass it on to. I am truly gobsmacked!

La Belette Rouge said...

Hello dear lovely and wonderful, Corfu Cuz, I am so happy to give you your first ever blogging award. It is my honour and privilege to do so. But, I have been a bit of an over-gifter. I gave you a second award. It is a special award and I just had to follow my heart on who to give it to and ignore protocol. I hope you like it is much as I do.

Looking forward to visiting the blogs that you awarded. I know and love a few of them. The others I look forward to knowing.
Love you much,
Samos Sestre
p.s. My WV is "predness". "predness" means to have already been nice.

Deb said...

What a great award! "Superior Scribbler", rhymes with Driveler! I am honored. Your description of my blog made me blush, and I only blush via Revlon's Rose Petal, or whatever the hell it's called.

Thank you!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a cute award for all you writers. You deserve it CC. :)
Oh dear my word verificatrion is ovenon.. I better go turn it off. LOL

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Oh I just LOVE the word gobsmacked (Americans just don't use it enough) and I am so happy to have made you so :) You deserve it.

Your predness is much accepted and happily received. I am needing these awards today, as my writing confidence was waining...thank you thank you dear Red One.

Deb (aka: Superior Sribbler Driveler),
Wowee wow! I made you blush! Woo Hoo (or w00t as the new annoying lingo goes) but that makes me remember that I sooo need new blush.

You made me snort out loud with your word verification...(and I would have laughed without the Pinot Grigio as well) lol


Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Cassoulet, thank you!

You are far too nice to us, wait - I meant me, yes, ummm, us, I was talking about the fact that we are...ahhh, the thing is.... rats.

Let it just be said there is appreciation.

Oh dear.

Wow - we are doing the hands in the pockets or in front of us, fingers all twisted together and face all red thing, totally tongue-tied at this point.

Seriously. And you thought we could just blather at will, to be sure.

Gosh. We think we will curtsy and say 'Thank You' once again and send a cyber-hug in your direction!


Vicki said...

I am so honored. Thanks so much for that award. It's a new one that I've only seen once or twice on other blogs so I'm so happy to be able to have now for myself, hehehehe :)

And she's right about the twin-ness, people. And I've even found a third little girl who could be their triplet. Scary world if there are three of them running around.

Fifi Flowers said...

Congrats on your first award!