Monday, December 17, 2007


With several family members and friends moving to/going to/coming back from Hawaii, and having nasty gray, rainy, cold days here....and talking to friends in France who are having the same weather as us......I said to Hubby yesterday, "Why the heck are we going to France for a month, and not Tahiti???????!!!!!!!" I'll take Hawaii for a month as well, since I've never actually been to Tahiti and I love Hawaii.

I feel out of love with France right now and am longing to go someplace warm and tropical. And someplace where the dollar actually has some value. I long to be back on the beach, soaking up that warm, healing Hawaiian sun. I long for a Maui Sunset. I need a Mai Tai from Aloha Mixed Plate, garnished with a purple orchid. I want to eat pineapple until my mouth gets raw. I want to hear waves lapping against the shore. I want to be tan.

So, my dear readers, does anyone want to make me feel better for choosing to spend a month in a climate the same as mine here, spending way too much money just to buy groceries because our dollar is worth nothing now, and paying $7 gallon for essence (gasoline)?! It's only $3.98 right now on the Islands.

Wahhhhhhhhhh. I know.


My Inner French Girl said...

Bonjour, CC! Oh please, I'm totally with you on the tropical island part. When I'm a kajillionaire, I'm going to have a summer home in Provence and a winter home in Tahiti. I'll invite you over for drinks whenever you're in town and let you swim in my private lagoon. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I'd love to see Tahiti. I sat in the Airport there for a few hours, but that's not really "seeing" is it?

Although I usually take winter and mountains over the heat and beach, there are times in the cold dark days that I love to sit on the beach, read and swim. I have dreams of being tan but I have two colours...Pale and burned.

Marjorie, I'd like to swing by your lagoon. Will you have a cabana boy?

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

I hear ya! It's FREEZING here...and there isn't even any snow to make it a white Christmas! I'll take that warm beach too :)

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Salut Marjorie! That sounds GREAT to me! And then I won't have to become a kajillionaire, you can do the hard work and I'll benefit, lol!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

At least you have been in the airport in Tahiti! I've only been as close as Hawaii. My brother use to work on a yacht in the South Pacific and all his photos of Tahiti, Fiji and other places down there are incredible!!!! I want to go....

Kelly Malloy said...

The cold weather definately makes me long for the tropics -and those gas prices???? I feel your pain!

La Belette Rouge said...

I, for one, think you were really wise to pick France over Hawaii or Tahiti. I am really not a tropics girl. However, like you, I really love pineapple. When I was growing up we spent a lot of Christmas' in luaus and I remember wanting pineapple at each meal.

I have to say that I prefer cold weather to heat. You can always add more clothes--but when it gets hot and humid there is only so skimpy you can go. There is skin cancer to consider. And, there are snakes and spiders in those island paradises. Also, those island countries aren't cheap either. Really, you made the RIGHT decision!!!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

A million "merci"s....I knew I could count on you to tell me why France was the better choice.

(All you others, I also like your support and understanding of wanting to be in the tropics :) )

But back to LBR, you are friend just called from Hawaii where, on her first morning, she killed a giant centipede and two scorpions.

And I need to remind myself of on of my favorite movie lines, "Paris is always a good idea." (or any French city)

1000 points to anyone who knows which movie I'm talking about!

Anonymous said...

With heat comes the bugs! Argh.

Don't they say that in a lot of movies. That's easy since I have the movie on my shelf. Sabrina.
Also I think the movie "Forget Paris" says it too.

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