Friday, April 11, 2008

Back in Civilization

We just arrived home at 2am this morning. I can't believe I can turn my laptop on and get an actual internet connection! We did not know, but the gite did not have internet or phone service. We were in the boonies. Not even dial up. Oh yes, France Telecom was phoned and promised to have it up and running in two days...I knew better. They arrived 1 week before we left, hooked up the line, but didn't bring the ADSL stuff, and blamed it on a bad filter. I guess in France, the filter is always to blame, from what everyone told us.

So, hello! It's so strange to be posting, and I don't even know where to begin. We had a great time, with frustrating times, and fun times, and sad times and joyful times. It was a success! And I seriously ate my way through our trip. Thanks to the long, steep staircase in the gite, I burned off the fat as fast as it was shoved into my mouth. :) Speaking of the gite, it was not what I expected. It was SO. MUCH. BETTER. The owners were wonderful, and the gite was beautiful, and the setting was breathtaking.

So, as I have jet lag and am a bit out of it at the moment, why not post some questions you are dying to have answered, and we'll start off that way, shall we?

Oh, first things first, I had several macarons, some were good, some were disgusting. But they are spendy and there are millions of other pastries in France that are 100 times better. As well, I got nauseated each time after eating one, even the minis. But I think my favorite was a big pistachio one from Paul. It was like eating a pistachio flavoried brownie. Yum!

Ok, ask away!!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Now I am the one in France!

Cris in Oregon said...

Welcome home and thank you SO very much for bringing me the macarons. :):):)I have had two already. Hubby too. Will let you know what I think of them when all done. :)Which probably won't take long. lol One actually had coconut in it. Love the pix so far. Was that your front yard in the bottom pix? Can't wait to see more. Jet lag will no doubt set in before long. :)

Betty C. said...

Welcome back! I love the picture with the "McBière." One of the tiniest advantages of France, but appreciable when you have to eat there.

Looking forward to your posts.

La Belette Rouge said...

So happy to see you!! I am delighted you are home and hope you had a very lovely time--even if the macarons did you wring.
Rest and recover--but soon get to posting. I want to hear every delightful detail of your trip.

b said...

Welcome back! The pictures are lovely. I am excited to hear more about your trip. I too had a pistachio (and coffee flavored) macaron from Paul. Very good. What were some of your favorite pastries while there? What were some of the disgusting macaron flavors?