Monday, April 21, 2008

Honey, I Shrunk My Pants!

Did my pants shrink when we got home? Did my dryer dry them too tight? Why, oh, why do I look a bit different in my once-perfect fitting Loft jeans now that I'm home?
Oh might have been all the cheese consuming that took place every day for 4 weeks in a row.
Could it have been the two raclette dinners in one week? Maybe it was the 70% fat Boursault that I was warned against, yet bought and ate anyway (think whipped-butter!). La Brique was my next favorite. Then there was the goat cheese wrapped in chestnut leaves and tied with a pretty little ribbon that made me splurge. The fig and walnut Boursin was also quite addicting. Perac, my long time fave, was consumed more times that I can count. And my parents brought back loads of cheese from Greece that we dregged in flour and then fried.
Then there were all the Petits Filous for breakfast, too many flavors that needed tasting. Chocolatines, brioche and homemade jams from my aunt also needed testing.
Then there were the rillettes de canard that became a new favorite food during this trip. Rillettes are basically meat and fat. Normally, I don't like rillettes, but the duck one was too die for.
I did try to counteract all that fat with red wine, naturally. And when we spent a few days in Spain, I could not pass up homemade Sangria, could I?
But I am sure my washer was accidentally set to "Hot" and it shrunk my pants. As well as my belt.

Wine in scrambled eggs? Why not?! We're in France! (Don't worry, we didn't!)


Cris in Oregon said...

Hmm I've always blamed it on the air in my closet shrinking my clothes. :)
Did many Macarons figure in there?

Cassoulet Cafe said...

No, it was definitely the cheese, pastries, and the cheese. And did I mention the pastries and cheese? ;)
I really only had macarons a handful of times.
Thanks for commenting...I don't think anyone is following Cassoulet Cafe anymore since I was gone so long :(

b said...

Oh, STOP!!! These descriptions of cheese are making me salivate. "Fig and walnut Boursin," "goat cheese wrapped in chestnut leaves" ?!?!?! And yes, naturally, wine is the thing to wash all that down with when in France and Sangria in Spain. Amazing. Your pants did shrink because your dryer is jealous!!! :)

Cassoulet Cafe said...

I LOVE IT! My dryer is jealous!!!! :) You are a genius!!!!

ParisBreakfasts said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel!
Why does this always happen just cause you set foot in another country?
Not fair!

Dr.Bethenais- Languedoc's Lady Doc said...

still here in france,as an ex-pat dancing doc comme designer who has seen like you the dreamy side of France and yes, the infuriating and sometimes,shall we say, rigid side of this croissant,café créme loving country!have you seen the T'Chi movie about the Nord Pas de Calais? weeping twice when arriving and leaving- no sure if the weeping is from joy or sorrow or both! love your photos!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you are happier and you lost weight in your wallet. See... the bright side!

b said...

No, really... that can be the only true explanation! :-) Now, pass the fig and walnut Boursin, s'il vous plait!