Thursday, May 1, 2008

No Rain in Spain

The weather in the south of France was so bad for so long, we had to flee to Spain. As soon as we crossed the border...

...sunshine! We stayed in Lloret de Mar, not so nice, but our day in Tossa de Mar was fabuloso! (Is that Spanish?) We spent several hours on the beach and then walked up to the castle and village that made it one of the most beautiful beaches I personally have been to.

After the walk, we ate at a restaurant next to the beach. It was a hotel restaurant and we were sure we'd get mediocre food, but we were starving and it looked to be the best option. We started with a mandatory pitcher of homemade sangria.

It was excellent! We had one of the best salads I've ever had, and it was beautiful (no photo) and we also had the seafood paella, which was incredible.

Apparently there was a little old "mommy" in the kitchen who made the paella from scratch, and she was from Valencia. (So said the manager.) It was great, and happily there were two langoustines, so we could each have one. YUM!
(Did I mention that it was almost half the price for food in Spain? The groceries were awesome! I bought a big jug of Sangria that was better than the one we had in the restaurant and it only cost 80 euro cents. Gas was cheaper too, only about $7.00 a gallon when converted. Can you hear my sarcastic tone? So, I will refrain from complaining about paying the $3.79 a gallon yesterday.)

Ahhhhh, Spain. It was so nice. And it was so kind as to give me some sun to bring back to Auriac, which lasted the rest of the trip!


Lavender Honey said...

Many French people are also buying real estate and opening businesses in Spain ... so much cheaper.

La Belette Rouge said...

I love Spain too. I wish I could clone myself and live simultaneous lives in Spain, Greece, and France. I did a 10 day trip of all the major cities of Spain and it was not long enough. So happy you got to get a little Mediterranean get away--even if it wasn't in Greece.

Anonymous said...

aaahhh Spain and sangria. Two very awesome things that go oh so well together. Sangria isn't the same in Seattle.

Cris in Oregon said...

Looks like it was a heavenly place especially if it was WARM AND INEXPENSIVE. Two of my favorite things. :) Then add beautiful and we got a keeper. :)Thanks for sharing. Guess I will quit squawking about the price of gas here. $7.00 gulp.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi just found you on f.o.t...Love the photo's...your meal sounds very yummy!! We had a great time when we went to Barcelona a few years ago.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

lavender honey,
Yes that's what we heard too, and I see why!

Ok, you so totally nailed it! Can we add in Hawaii or Tahiti too?

LOL about Sangria in Seattle! So know what you mean!

Not $7, about $7.50 or more,;) depending on where you get it and what the dollar is at (which I am NOT tracking now.)

Anne in Oxfordshire,
Thank you so much for popping by! Your blog is beautiful, by the way!


ParisBreakfasts said...

Paella! YUM
You can not really get a good one outside of Espana...sigh
Most Fr. people I know say they go to Barcelona for vaca...
And friends in Biarritz took me accross the they could buy ciggies..ahem