Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Receive the Craptastic Mom Award

Before I post Arizona Part Two, I have to tell about a frightening experience that occurred on Monday. I absolutely detest going shopping with the two younger kids, Spazzy The Toddler and my 6 year old. She's not called Spazzy for nothing, and anyone who has been shopping with a 6 year old boy knows that this is completely dangerous, nerve wracking and just a dumb thing to do. But the cupboards were bare from being gone on vacation and I had to bring the kids with me. We got a cart that looked exactly like this (but red).

After a physically exhausting spree, we had a cart full of groceries and I happily paid for the them and started to leave, then realizing my 12 year old was sitting at a table in the deli section looking at hair style magazines. I cruised to the back of the store and found her. I did not leave the cart, I was still gripping the handlebar, but I just turned my head to the side to look at the hairstyle my daughter picked out. In a nanosecond, Spazzy stood up and fell backwards out of the cart and slammed the back of her head into the floor.

It made a sickening sound that keeps echoing in my mind even two days later. I screamed, "Oh my God! Oh my God!" and picked her up while scores of shoppers froze in time and stared at the drama. A manager and a deli worker lady came rushing over. (They seem to be worried for two reasons; one, for Spazzy's pain, two, for a potential law suit). Crazy Deli Lady started shoving cookies into Spazzy face while she was screaming bloody murder. I told her no. Then she said, "Could I hold her?" I was floored. Yes, I know that she was just trying to be nice and helpful, but to a toddler who has just had a painful, scary experience (who already prefers mom over anyone when she's not hurt), being handed over to a stranger would be the last thing in the world that would help the situation.

Then Crazy Deli Lady brought over a soda. Of course Spazzy didn't want it, she was in too much pain. The 6 Year Old gleefully took it for her. The manager that happened to be standing by the olive bar when it happened, ran and got her a bag of ice. Strangers were still looking, and I am 99.9% sure that my butt crack was showing while I was sitting and rocking her trying to figure out what to do. (I happened to forget to put my belt on that day, and I had a muffin top going that I was trying to cover up with my sweater, but bending over in a panic to pick up and injured baby and rocking her with all your might doesn't leave any hands free to cover muffin top/butt crack.)

I just wanted to be gone from there and take care of her without attention. Then she suddenly stopped crying, and started going to sleep. The Crazy Deli Lady said, "Oh don't let her go to sleep! That's bad!"
I held her while my 12 year old pushed the cart out the door for me. I flipped open my cell and called the doctor. The receptionist said to get her to the Urgent Care immediately and don't let her go to sleep. I was in full panic mode. I strapped her in the car seat and her eyes were open but fixed and she was quiet as a mouse. The kids and I were talking to her, trying to get her to stay awake. Hubby met me at Urgent Care and was already registering her when I got there. We were emphatic with the young twit behind the counter that the doctor needed to know immediately what happened, as there were about 50 people in the waiting room ahead of us and I wanted service immediately!

You know what she had the gall to say? "Well, is her head bleeding anywhere?" I wanted to reach out and grab her little lollipop head to get my point across. I said, "NO! But she fell from. The. Cart. On. To. The. Back. Of. Her. Skuuuuull!

Right then my cell rang and it was our family doctor. He asked several questions and then said it was a good thing it was on the back of her head, as opposed to the top or temple. He said it sounded like a concussion, and there was no reason to put her through a CT scan unless she vomits, starts acting bizarre, or I can't rouse her.

We exited the building and I ran directly into a cousin of B (who just died that day), and I couldn't even express my condolences to him about B, because I was so distraught about the injury. (We saw him last night and he said everyone in the waiting room was talking about us after we left.)
Finally, after about 25 minutes, Spazzy said her first words since the accident. She said, "Daddy, err kway-seeeee" ("Daddy, you're crazy" in Nacho Libre accent). We knew she was going to be ok then.
Moral of the story: Don't be an idiot mom like me who thought she was experienced enough not to need follow the safety rules, and that it would make too much of a scene to strap in a screaming toddler into the cart securely with the buckle.

I never thought I'd be that mom that should have watched this:


Mimi said...

I'm so glad Spazzy's o.k.!

La Belette Rouge said...

Sooo scary. I am so glad Spazzy is okay.
Samos Sestre

silverdot said...

oh my! i'm glad she's ok. what a story! that does sound very scary. after reading your fun blog (found you on SITS) you don't sound craptastic at all. :)

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to hear she is fine - I think 2 year olds probably bounce. Lenin tried to ride her trike down the steps in our back garden at that age and failed dismally, banging her head on the way down. She was very sleepy afterwards, and I took her to casualty - where, because she was a small child they produced a triage nurse to check her over immediately. They said she was fine, and she was. It is a frightening and chastening experience though.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

READERS: OOPS. I just checked how my post published and i realized it was all messed up and missing en entire paragraph. it's fixed now.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Mimi, Thank you for stopping by and I'm glad she's ok too!

Samos Sestre,
Merci ma copine...

thank you for telling me I'm not craptastic. I totally should have buckled her in, she tried to climb out the first time and I sat her down and said "no!" and then turned my head. ugh. but i'm so glad she's ok now. Thanks for coming by! :)

Yes, i think they do bounce. Isn't that so scary when they get really sleepy after? Sometimes it's a bad sign, and sometimes it's a normal reaction. I wish I was a doctor at times like these. I bet Lenin didn't like trikes for awhile, eh?

Paula said...

Oh dear! I am so sorry- what a horrible experience. Don't worry though -you are definitely not a craptastic Mom! My Mom tells the story of when she let go of my stroller to pick up some shopping bags and my stroller took off down the parking lot, down a hill, and she ended up chasing it a few blocks (right past a police officer) before she actually caught it (it never actually tipped over). Give Spazzy hugs! :)

Le laquet said...

Glad Spazzy's ok - very scary ... what was wrong with the stoooopid Deli Lady?!? Cookie indeed!!

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

You sure get more than your fair share of CRAZY ladies (?) glomming on to your little family. I absolutely hate grocery shopping with any and all of my kids. As far as craptastic? Who isn't?
I secretly give my kids soda, you could have been all snooty, "SODA? for a 2 year old?" But I know you weren't thinking straight just then.

Blicky Kitty said...

We use the term "crack mommy" in our house which is exactly how I felt sitting in the emergency room twice in a two week span last summer. So so sad and scary when they get hurt.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

So glad Spazzy is ok now. Scary indeed. You must have got the same receptionist I got when I got con in when he did his hand in with the table saw. you will have to take a seat I am helping someone. As he's bleeding to death. arrgh.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Cassoulet, what a scary thing for you all! We're so relieved to read that Spazzy is okay, even though we laughed about the dual reason for the attention from the store personnel, especially the FOL (fear of lawsuit) reason. That one prompts amazingly quick responses in retail establishments.

Please don't say you are craptastic because we know you are not. N-O-T. No way.

Sending you a big sloppy cyberhug,

Braja said...

Jesus. That's inTENSE. wow....

Ivy said...

Wow, what a story. Glad to hear that Spazzy is okay now.

Kim said...

OH MY GOSH! I was cringing and groaning though this whole post, yet laughing at you and your buttcrack! Thanks for putting that in, it helped my BP go down, thinking about concussions/ER visits and all the "craptastic" things I too have managed to do while trying to raise my two kids! Thank God she is ok!!!