Thursday, February 28, 2008

Changing Our Image Overseas

Looking into the future two weeks, you've just caught a glimpse of us.

Yes, we are changing our image a bit. Here in the USA, we have the "Soccer Mom" look goin' on in our Honda Odyssey. When we land across the pond, we'll be having our chariot waiting for us at the airport. No, we won't be getting a cute little Smart Car, or even a Mini Cooper. We will need even more elbow-traveling-room with extended family along, and we'll get it (and then some) in this Renault Trafic Passenger Bus.

Just look at all the room we'll be havin'! It's like the Odyssey on steroids. No one can yell, "Stop touching me!" and be believed that their seat mate has been making contact. They'll have to resort to "Stop looking at me!" during the month abroad. To me, this looks more like an Airbus than a Renault.

Which brings us to the issues: How in the world do I think we will ever find a parking space now? Toulouse, as most big cities, has parking issues. And not just parking, but narrow streets that may or may not be wide enough to accommodate anything larger than an early 80's Peugot 206. Some streets are only wide enough for a bike and a baguette. Finding spots the length of a Smart Car is even hard. We have no hope in centre ville. This baby will have to be strictly for road trips.

And how will we react when we go to fill this baby up at the pump the first of many times? At around $7/gallon, it's gonna hurt. Bad.

And does this mean that we officially will have the "Rugby Mom" look goin' on? I wonder if Soccer Mom Van translates in French culture.

I think not.


Cécy said...

No translation of Soccer Mom, I mean you could say "Maman de Foot" but people wouldn't get it. It's one of those hard to translate expressions.

As far as parking the car in Toulouse... Well the best thing nowadays is to park at one of the Metro's parking lots and then take metro and buses to move around the city. You know you can get a monthly pass with unlimited use right? (one per person of course).
For the rest, well good luck.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Yes, I am sure we'll be parking at Auchan and then taking the metro from there. As far as the metro pass, yes I'm pretty sure we'll need it enough to buy the one month pass.
I just went and ordered some euros at the bank....ouch!!! $1.59

I better go have a drink on that note.

Betty C. said...

There may be no translation as such, but as the friend of a mom who is a big volunteer for her son's rugby club, I would say the concept exists here even if it isn't linguistically recognized.

Loulou said...

Oh, you're going to have fun driving that thing around! :)
As you well know....

The $/€ exchange is so bloody depressing. We filled up our little 10 gallon tank on our New Beetle and it was 46€. About $70. Luckily we don't have far to drive anywhere!

You must be excited about your trip, regardless of the exchange rate. I hope you have a fabulous time! Are you going to Carcassonne?

Function of Time said...

I am so excited for your trip!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Betty, thanks for the letting me know there is a similar concept there. That is what I wanted to know. It took awhile here to have the label "Soccer Mom" be understood and stick, so maybe there will be a buzz word for it there one day. lol!

Loulou, Yes, it is soooo depressing. It wasn't so long ago that it was in OUR favor. Times have changed...
Yes, we'll be going to Carcassonne. This will be my dad's first time in France, so we'll be happily playing tour guide part of the time, and Carcassonne is my favorite place!!!

I'm so excited that you're so excited for my trip! ;)