Thursday, February 21, 2008

Three Weeks!

Three weeks! That is all I have left to get my act together! I have been shopping non-stop (mostly without progress). I am trying to find gifts for everyone, plus get some much needed things for the trip. I am also working on two memes that I got tagged for, and hopefully I'll have them up tomorrow.

As I mentioned before, I got some great jeans. Well, then I went to Loft later and found the perfect pair of jeans! Why didn't I just start there first? I can't return the other pairs, as I have already washed them. Anyone want some DKNY cute jeans for cheap? ;) Much too long on my short legs. As usual. So the Loft jeans I got in Petite, and they are the perfect length for me, and are a nice dark blue, with flap pockets. But, I need some shoes to go with. I have boots, but can't wear boots every day on cobblestones. What would you suggest? Cute, but comfy, please.

So I bought some Burt's Bees gift packs, Tips and Toes; one for my aunt and one for a friend. It has cute travel sized tins of the good smelling stuff, everything to give yourself a yummy smelling mani/pedi cures. I was so overly curious about all the products that I opened one of them to test them all out. They passed. Now it's mine! :)

I was reading Les Masson's blog today about Carmex being a wonder-product in France, so I'm wondering if I should get several and give them to friends over there? Can they not get tingling lip stuff there? Speaking of, I also got some Soap and Glory brand limp plumper for myself for the trip. This was no small feat, as certain Targets have ripped them off the shelves because of the name. Check out the link to see the name, if you are unfamiliar. Anyhow, it is addicting stuff! It is the feeling of touching your tongue to 9-volt battery, except all over your lips. It doesn't tingle, it zings! Oh la la....

I'm also in search of a new HG foundation, ditching my mineral makeup because I'm so dry this winter that it hasn't been flattering at all. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a mineral makeup gal, but it just does much better on my olive skin in summer, than my pale-olive-dry-30-something-winter canvas. I have a friend at the Clinique counter, so I paid her a visit. After reading MakeupAlley reviews, I was convinced StayFit was the HG in Clinique. She protested, advising me to go with the Repairwear. I bucked and stuck to my guns. She made a perfect match in Stayfit, applied with a Lancome foundation brush. I bought brush and fond de teint, went home on a high, went into the bathroom mirror to admire....and saw a dark orange face, with a bonus makeup line (one of my most gigantic pet peeves!)

I reapplied the next day, perfect match and 30 minutes later I was as orange as a tween-girl trying Cover Girl for the first time.

I went back and returned the Stayfit, and got samples of the Repairwear. I must admit, it wears great, looks good and doesn't turn colors. But it just isn't my HG. (Why can't I look like the MAC girls? Each time I go to the MAC counter, those girls have the ultimate faces. THE look I have always wanted to achieve with my foundation. I bought a MAC foundation last year, and after a month of using it, I was broken out worse than ever.) I also bought some Smashbox Photo Finish (Light) to try with the Repairwear and it made me look like I dipped my face in oil, about 20 minutes after application. Thank goodness I only bought the sample size.

Maybe I'll go back to the Clinique counter in Toulouse at Galleries Lafayette and buy the line of Clinque foundation I fell in love with over there, unavailable in the USA.

Until then, I'll keep shopping. Could y'all please give me some gift ideas for my women French Friends? Something small, something typical American, and something they can't get there.

I'm off to MakeupAlley...and then to bed.

Bonne nuit mes amis....a demain!


La Belette Rouge said...

So much to respond to. I have done well with the AT loft for pants. I haven't found their fabrics to have long lasting endurance. I use gentle cycle for all my AT loft stuff.

For shoes, how about Cole Haan Nike flats? Comfy but with a little bit of style.

I wish I could be helpful with foundation but it sounds like you and I have very different skin. And, I am sorry the photo finish didn't work for you. How much did you put on? I do maybe 3 dots for my whole face. But, I am dry and not oily at all.

Gifts? Hmmm? How about some Kona coffee from Hawaii or blueberry jam from Oregon? Will put on my thinking cap and see if I can come up with anything else.

Cécy said...

Food is always something fun to bring. Like pancakes kits, some local jam & jellies. I sent some Pumpkin Butter to my family and they loved it.
Grits Oh wait, you can't you're not in the South.:P
The tea/coffee cups that keeps your drink warm. I doubt they are as easy to find in France as they are over here.
American chewing gums (you have different flavors here).

Betty C. said...

How about wine glass charms? You can't get much smaller than that, and I've never seen them here.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Oh I thought you were cleverly shopping for gifts for the folks at save yourself over there.
I have a terribly chic friend and she begs me to bring her bags of pink eraser from Staples everytime I come ( for all of $.99)
so go figure..?

Anonymous said...

You are going to have a wonderful time!