Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's Wrong With France?

As you know, I am having technical difficulties, but I can still read and Google just fine. I just got done reading and celebrating the newly famous (but with-me-from-the-beginning) My Inner French Girl's latest post. She has been happily outed by New York Times!

It got me wondering how one would find out that their blog was mentioned in the media. Well, I decided to Google "cassoulet cafe blog" to see if anyone besides my blogging buddies have ever heard of my blog. The only thing that came up was my blog and one other mention. It is a button on the side bar of La French Page website. That in itself is not interesting. What is interesting is the description of my blog. It goes like this:
Cassoulet Cafe Blog: An American's View of What is Wrong With France.

While I appreciate the link, I'm sort of shocked with the description. To set the record straight, I think that I show what's wrong and right with France.

Now after reading the NYTimes article on freebies thrown at beauty bloggers, should I expect some free cassoulet thrown my way? All in the name of reviewing, bien sur! Or better yet, maybe a cassoulet meal at a renowned cassoulet restaurant in Toulouse or Castlenaudary during our stay?

Something tells me the people at Spanghero or La Cave au Cassoulet don't read Cassoulet Café Blog. ;) I'm glad you do!


My Inner French Girl said...

Dear CC, merci for the mention! I'm on my 14th minute of my alloted 15 of fame. Tick tock tick tock. ;-)

I can't believe I didn't add you to my blogroll! I thought I'd added EVERYONE in my "core" group: you, Randal, Colleen, LBR, and Betty C. I must rectify that immediately.

I'm waiting for Hermes to send me a Birkin. Or Borders to send me a bookshelf of books. Alas, I wait in vain.


Samantha said...

No way, I can't believe it! Your blog is one of the most pro-France blogs I read!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

No problem :) I actually thought I was on your t'inquietes pas! ;)

I know! Isn't that strange?

Anonymous said...

I definately would not want cassoulet or a cafe thrown at me if I were you. As I consider the name of my blog, funtion of time, it really has nothing to do with France as much as it has to do with the geeky side of me. Hhhmm...still I like the name of my blog.

At any rate, it's odd were the names of our blogs and links show up. I haven't logged on to technorati lately, but that's the place I go to find out.

Angélique said...

I actually know the moderator of Le French Page. He lives in the South of France and owned an enterprise that helps expats with immigration and translation.

However after several years in France, he plans to move to the United States in 2009. Too many of his clients, and himself, had traumatic experiences as small business owners, due to the many restrictions in the system.

He submitted several articles about this situation to the French media, but journalists here are difficult to penetrate ... you must be a close friend of the editor to get anything published. He may write a book about his whole experience in France someday.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

I'm finally getting around to actually checking the site out. I've read a few topics and am laughing/agreeing with it already! :)
The true! The line cutting....
I'm off to read more!

Betty C. said...

Yikes -- your blog is more about what's right about France, for the most part anyway!

I actually haven't looked around much for anything that's been said about my blog. I might be surprised.

Telynola said...

Hi there,

thank you for this wonderful blog. It's always fun as a French expatriate to read what others think about your own country.

Thanks for reminding us what's wrong AND right in France.

Telynola said...
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Telynola said...

Oh and by the way, we were born and raised in Toulouse but now live in New Orleans ! ;-)