Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Vet...

Did I happen to mention my cat drama yet? Oh yes, I know I have, but it's worth mentioning again and again. Because it doesn't stop in this household, for some unknown reason. Skeeter, our kitty that survived the wheel of my minivan last month, seemed to be practically dying this morning when I got up. He didn't come running out of the laundry room with Blueberry, the new cat. When I looked at him, his mouth was open and he was wheezing. His eyes were drippy, and he was lethargic.
So, I went to pack him up in his box, and found out that my husband, who always throws away the wrong things and keeps the things I want to be rid of, hit again. He threw away the two cat boxes last week that I have been saving since July.
Skeeter is really docile and cuddly, never scratches or wriggles. So I put him in a topless box, and headed down the road about 2 hours ago. He jumped out and ran under my foot. I pulled over, picked him up, and tried to hold him while I was driving....something I yell at other people for within my own soundproof vehicle. I could have kept hold of him if his breath didn't have the kind of green fumes you only see on cartoons. I gasped and let him go. He ran under the back seat.
I arrived at the vet, got out of the car, called Skeeter, and realized there was no way he was coming out. I just started unbuckling The Toddler when Skeeter made a mad dash out the door. Lickety split, I was down on him like a rat on a Cheeto, as hubby likes to say when he needs to make me laugh.
Only, Skeeter was determined to get away. Five feet away from where we were was the main road through town with non-stop traffic careening by. I was determined I was not going to have to tell my kids I was responsible for another feline flattening. So, the only thing I could grab was Skeeter's tail. As I was grabbing for it desperately, I flew head first onto the pavement, to the horror of many passersby and the entire waiting room at the vet's office. I was on the ground, screaming Toddler strapped in the car seat, and holding onto my cat's tail for dear life, completely mortified at my position. I hid in the car for a few minutes, mustered up enough pride to get up and into the waiting room.
Hearing that the cat was open-mouth breathing, they rushed out to the car and got him, and brought him immediately into an exam room. The doctor said he has a severe case of pneumonia, and that I should get a feline AIDS/Leukemia test as well. I asked him if Skeeter has either, would he have to be put down? He said yes, or make him live in a bubble. I said, "Let's just treat the pneumonia, my kids cannot handle another cat death."
Meanwhile, I averted another death in the exam room. As we were waiting for the doctor to come back, The Lightening Fast Toddler (and I do not exaggerate), grabbed my keys out of my purse, found an outlet, and was 1 centimeter away from plunging a key into it.

Shocked that my bill was $105, I paid and started to walk outside. Skeeter went kuh-razeeeee, and pulled out every claw that he'd managed to get the Soft Paws off of, and dig them wildly into my neck flesh and arms, while the back leg claws ripped to shreds the plastic sack I was carrying full of his expensive meds. I dropped The Toddler's hand out of sheer pain, and then screamed because a truck was backing up and she is FAST. It seemed like minutes, but really only micro seconds, that I realized that I had to let Skeeter go (which meant certain death) so I could hang on to The Toddler.

Right then, a very caring young couple sprang out of their car and rushed to my aid. I never, ever ask for help with my kids from a stranger, but I was almost in tears and asked the girl to hold my toddler's hand. The guy got Skeeter and held his paws in a way that calmed him right down, and helped me get my crew loaded.

I flipped the box upside down on top of Skeeter, angry at him for making a potential situation a hazard to my child. No, it's not his fault, it's mine for not going and purchasing a cat carrier before I took him to the vet. But I just wanted to get him there before he got any sicker.

I'm home now, still shaking, and unable to do any of my errands I've already put off way past due.

Maybe I'm not cut out to be a pet owner.


Anonymous said...

OMG. That was a hell of an experience - I would have been shaking like a leaf by the time I finally got back in the car. And sod the chores, I'd have needed a stiff drink when I got home too.

The worst vet experience I ever had isn't a patch on that though I found it traumatic at the time. My cat box broke just outside the door and William, a big, muscly, scaredy cat tabby did a bunk. YOunger daughter and I plus half the vets staff searched but couldn't find him anywhere. I'd only got him from a cat rescue place a few days before so he didn't know his way home and the vets is on a busy main road. They said come back later when it is quiet with some treats and he will come out. Later it was, of course, dark and a big tabby did come out - but when got it home we realised it wasn't William. YD was all for keeping him instead of William, but we took him back and released him. Found out later he lived next door to the vets and was always hanging around there. I went back at midnight with elder daughter to search again (slightly worried someone would call the police and report a prowler) and this time the real William came out - and, like your ungrateful cat, attempted to scratch me to death when I tried to wrestle him into the car.

I do hope he recovers.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I hope all is much better now. That would do me in.
You should have grabbed a towel to wrap him in. They are so unpredictable. I remember once needing to get a pill into our cat and I knew it was going to be impossible to get it down.. Our neighbor bragged he could get a pill down ANY animal or CAT. I said not ours. so he proceeded to pick up the pill and start to stuff it down its throat and after he pried the cats teeth out of his finger he had to admit defeat. :)

Paula said...

I simultaneously laughed and felt really horrible you had to go through this craziness (the laughing only came from the great way you described the whole situation). Pets in cars always spells trouble for us - I hope the cat gets better soon, and vet bills are a b****. You deserve to take the day off today from errands.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

When you said, "and, like your ungrateful cat, attempted to scratch me to death when I tried to wrestle him into the car", I seriously started laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair.
Cats really are ungrateful, aren't they? ;) They have such attitudes!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Hi Cris,
Things aren't much better as far as Skeeter's health. He actually sounds worse this morning than yesterday. I'm really worried. Maybe the meds will kick in soon.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

So I achieved my goal! :) Laughter in a bad situation is always best, right? I think it's the way I cope when something embarrassing or stressful happens. Wait, that is my good personality...the other one just makes everyone around her miserable! haha!
So, today I have to make up those errands as they can't be put off any longer. I will go in, bloody and scratched from my feline drama, because it's about to get ugly again...it's time for antibiotics, eye and nose drops. Sheesh. It's only 7am and I might need a stiff drink. (j/k)

FarmGirl said...

Jimminy Christmas!! What a morning! So how is the Skeeter? Responding to meds ok?

You are a fine pet owner...just having a bit of bad luck.

Welcome to SITS btw.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

FarmGirl: Thanks for coming over here :) Skeeter FINALLY seems to be a little better this morning. Last night he didn't seem like he was going to make it. Today he was up and actually wanting to be petted a little bit. He's so skinny though.
Hopefully this streak of bad luck will end soon!!!!