Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My First Greek Lesson: Of Mice and Men

My non-Greek mother is learning Greek, and I was at her house today thumbing through her Learn Greek books. I have every intention of starting, but each time I sit down and look at the book, I just see a bunch of jumbled up things like this word I saw today: ποντικός

Oh sure, it looks pretty, but the meaning of this particular word is not pretty to many people with certain phobias. ποντικός is Greek for MOUSE. And as you know, The Mouse of this house had escaped her cage and was running free in the garage. I don't have a phobia of Purchased-at-Petco Mice, but I do of Petco Mice Gone Wild In the garage making babies that will overrun my new house with nasty mice turds and ποντικός germs.

As I mentioned, I was about to "ask myself what a maverick* would do", and then that is what I did. Yes, I let Skeeter and Blueberry (the cats) in the garage to find Licorice the escaped inmate. I let them in, closed the door.... and waited. I kept checking on them every so often. They were definitely hunting. They found the fresh mouse pellets next to the cage (evidence that she was still in there, not taking her freedom out the door when she had the chance). Each time I checked on the cats, I cringed as I opened the door wondering if there would be a dead mouse flung at me the next time I peeked in.

No, they didn't succeed in assasinating Licorice, and I'm glad. I couldn't stomach the fact that I'd hired two hit men, uh, cats, to do a sweet little mouse in. I abandoned my maverick-y* side.

As we were getting in bed two nights ago, Hubby asked if I'd locked the garage door. No. So he got up and went out there. He was taking a long time. He came back and said, "I just saw Licorice! She was standing on the red carpet!" Well she thinks she's important enough not to be murdered, sigh....and so do I. Hubby tried to catch her, but she ran....under the car. I didn't say she was the smartest mouse, having already witnessed the cat/tire incident.

And so yesterday when Hubby was out cleaning the car, he saw Licorice dash past him. He actually caught her this time and put re-incarcerated her. She is officially on lockdown; in the hole. He came running in to tell me the good news. I went out to say hello to Licorice. Um... That was not Licorice!

To be continued...

*SNL reference :)


Paula said...

OMG! You really have some crazy fun pet happenings going on (although they might not be classified as "fun" from your point of view). Good Luck with the mice!

We had bees and wasps come into our house last weekend and I stuck the cats on them (it seems we have a nest on our porch). They got 2, but the last one came flying out at us at around 10pm Sunday night when we were watching tv. My hubby had to attack it with a newspaper roll and I had to give the cats a lecture regarding catching "everything" next time! (lol)

Keep us updated!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Oh my gosh I am scared TO DEATH of bees and wasps, anything that flies and bites/stings. I run screaming like a mad woman, flailing my arms, because I seriously ALWAYS get attacked unprovoked.
I bet that was hilarious watching the cats go for the wasps (cats are so funny when they are tracking things)!

La Belette Rouge said...

Just last night we thought we heard a mouse in our kitchen and both He-weasel and I decided that if there was one we would catch it and make it our pet. Sad, huh?

I cannot say that I can say mouse in Greek. But, I can say pig and squash. Very helpful words. Huh?

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. and I thought English was hard. Your kids are going to pick it up a lot easier I bet..On top of knowing English, some French, Sign language now Greek. Sure is easier when young to learn languages.
I await the final saga of the Missing Licorish. :))

Deb said...

Licorice is mingling with the riffraff? Will you ever be able to deprogram him if you catch him? Can you interrogate the current captive as to the whereabouts of Licorice?

Will these and other burning questions be answered in the next episode?

Cripes, I hope so!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Oh please don't make the wild mouse your pet....ew...it might have crazy diseases....take it from me, the Ringworm Lady (i am so grossed out, I found one on my shoulder, yuck!) I can only imagine what mice could bring.
For your Greek, let's see what you could do with pig and squash. You could: insult a police officer, order squash at a restaurant, you could order pork, you could buy a pig, you should order someone to kill a bug...
the options are endless :)

Me, I can only say a few words too, but hopefully that will change as soon as I get my books.

Cassoulet Cafe said...

You are so funny and you make great previews! :)

Ivy said...

OMG, I am glad you found my blog and wrote to me. I hope all your posts are so well written as this one. I shall come back to read some more soon. Thanks for adding me in your big fat Greek list. Ευχαριστώ!!

Anonymous said...

This is obviously going to run longer than my instance of catching the wrong cat after he escaped at the vets! I look forward to the next instalment!

Betty C. said...

I remember trying to learn some Greek at one point -- one of the many languages I tried to learn all on my own. Not many stuck, and certainly absolutely NO Greek!